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IRB Submission Portal


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This page may be utilized by members of St. Edward's University to submit non-exempt (i.e., Expedited or Full Board) research proposals that will require Institutional Review Board (IRB) ethics oversight in order to recruit human subjects. To Request an Exemption (.doc), please email all required documents to If you are unsure whether or not your project will require an IRB Review, then you may wish to visit our Guidance Page.

Our next Full Board committee will be taking place on Friday, August 28th. Please have your materials submitted at least one week prior to be reviewed on time. 


  • Sessions that are longer than 60 minutes will trigger an automatic log-out within the Portal. Users cannot save their progress until all required fields have been populated. For these reasons, you may wish to utilize the IRB Application Guide (.doc) as an offline resource to prepare your answers ahead of opening the IRB Submission Portal.
  • Students are encouraged to submit proposals on their own behalf as part of learning the process of research.
  • Your single-sign-on information may be used to log in. Your username will appear before the "@" symbol on your address (e.g., jlopez). Your password will mirror that of your email account.
  • Any non-affiliated collaborators who wish to submit IRB proposals to St. Edward's University may visit the section near the bottom of our Guidance Page entitled, "Collaborators not affiliated with St. Edward's."
  • Those seeking a Request for Exemption (.doc) will not need to use the IRB Submission Portal. Instead, please email your exemption request to If you are unsure whether or not your project qualifies for an exemption, then you may wish to review our two-page Guidance for Researchers (.pdf) document.
  • You may email or call 512-637-5676 to reach the IRB Administrative Assistant during the school year.
  • The IRB is out-of-session for full board proposals from May through August. You may find direct contact information for the IRB Chair under "Committee Members" on our About page.
  • Please click here if you are ready to submit your expedited or Full Board proposal to the St. Edward's IRB.

Review Process

The IRB will make the final determination of your project's qualification for (a.) an exemption [which falls below the federal definition of minimal risk], (b.) an expedited review [which meets, or marginally exceeds the federal definition of minimal risk], or (c.) a Full Board review [which may significantly exceeds the federal definition of minimal risk]. We aim for a 20-day review period for proposals that qualify for either an exempt or an expedited review.

Proposals that are likely to require Full Board review must be received at least 14 days in advance of that month's scheduled meeting. Our monthly meeting dates are listed at the bottom of our Homepage. This policy exists in order to allow adequate time for us to disseminate your Full Board proposal for review. Your Full Board proposal may be tabled until the next month if you miss the 14-day deadline. To clarify, the deadline for Full Board proposals will be 14 days prior to each month's meeting date (i.e., a meeting date of March 18th would have a deadline of 11:59 P.M. on March 4th). If you are unsure whether or not your proposal will require a Full Board review, please email or contact a member of the IRB directly.

Please note that at least one round of revisions will typically occur before IRB approval is granted, therefore, we suggest that researchers hope for a 3-week review period but plan for a 6-week review period.

For technical assistance, please email or call 512-637-5676 to reach the IRB Administrative Assistant during the school year. As a general reminder, the IRB is out-of-session during the summer months. You may find direct contact information for the IRB Chair under "Committee Members" on our About page.